What Others Are Saying

 Government/Defense Sector Clients

⇒ Bruce provided a fantastic coaching experience that he tailored to my current operating environment all while addressing the larger picture and career growth. We spent a lot of time discussing leadership through influence and integrated solutions. After our third session I was informed that I would be transitioning from my role as an operational manager to more of a command-level liaison position for our Naval shipyard industrial detachments. Bruce had a lot of helpful information related to my new role but I was only able to discuss with him for the fourth week. (Client – Command-level liaison position for DLA Naval shipyard industrial detachments )

⇒ My Executive Coach – Bruce LaRue was “OUTSTANDING1” I learned a lot from him. The sessions gave me an opportunity to reflect and take on strategies that will be helpful in steering my leadership team to successful outcomes. I very much enjoyed the outlook and perspective from such a positive approach with building a team that struggles with letting go and ego. I looked forward to every session with anticipation of what else Bruce would share with me to be in a better place as a leader as well as a mentor of my subordinates. I hope DLA continues to use Bruce as a Executive Coach as he has made me a better leader! (Client – DLA Division Chief )

⇒ Thank you again for your time and efforts during the past four coaching sessions. You have opened my eyes to some important areas in which I can focus my efforts to not only improve myself, but advance my team and organization. (Client – Senior Contracting Officer/Supervisor)

⇒ Thank you Bruce. I really appreciate all your help and look forward to seeing my mini town halls in action. Your coaching came at a time when I really needed some guidance from an outside perspective that could understand the inside workings of my organization. Have a wonderful day and best wishes as you continue to help Supervisors in need of your instruction. (Client – Troop Support Supervisor)

⇒ Bruce is a great coach. I benefited from the time that I spent in the coaching sessions. He does an excellent job of tailoring his advice to my specific situation. Never for one minute did I feel like he was reading from a script or recycling advice. This is easily the most beneficial part of the Level IV leadership training. (Client – Branch Chief/Contracting Officer)

⇒ Bruce LaRue is an excellent coach. Prior to our first session, he sent me a website to his company with a portal specifically for those he is coaching at DLA. On the website was an outline of what each session would entail and recommended articles to read. I found this very useful in preparing for the coaching sessions. During the coaching sessions, Bruce helped me to understand the Denison survey and what the feedback and scores I received meant and how I could improve upon weaknesses and maintain the positive feedback. Bruce had several good suggestions that I will continue to use with my team. He recommended having mini-town hall sessions with those I supervise to get their feedback on current issues and how we can get to a solution. He also suggested a blog, which I thought was a really good idea and I am going to look into doing that in my division as I believe it will be well received. Overall, this was an excellent experience and I highly recommend Bruce LaRue as an Executive Coach.  (Client – Division Chief )

⇒ Thank you again for your time. While only given the opportunity to speak with you on four different occasions for the coaching sessions, I learned a tremendous amount about myself and about what I can do for my team. I really enjoyed the sessions. It was a pleasure meeting you and hope to see or talk to you in the future. (Client – Contracting Officer | Section Chief)

⇒ I enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss my development of leadership skills with someone outside my department and to get the input on areas I should focus on my development. Bruce was very helpful with his suggestions and feedback and I came away from each session with new thoughts and ideas to help me with developing my leadership style. (Client – Police supervisor/Lieutenant)

⇒ Email from DoD Client Supervisor:

Good morning Bruce,

On Friday, about two hours after you said one of our main goals was to get me promoted, I got a call from HR, and was informed that I had been promoted. That must be some sort of record for an executive coach, huh?!!!

Anyway, I am going to be staying in the same division, moved to a new team.

Talk to you soon…  (DoD Supervisor)

⇒ Your client had some wonderful feedback to share on his feedback survey. He seemed to gain a great deal from your sessions together. He shared that you not only assisted him in providing ways to manage his current work/life balance but have inspired him to look for ways to pursue additional goals. Thanks as always for your outstanding support to our DLA leaders. (DoD Supervisory Certification Program Manager)

⇒ Bruce helped me with addressing some very difficult and challenging work circumstances which I had never encountered in my 38 years of working. I would highly recommend that DLA make the one-on-one coaching available as a resource from beginning to end of the ELDP3 course; it was by far the most valuable resource provided. Further, supervisors and managers should have this resource available to them for consultation after course completion to assist them with weighty issues requiring outside un-biased expert advice. (Client)

⇒ My four sessions with Bruce were outstanding. His insight within DLA and how it operates along with his valuable experience shared with me made our discussions very enlightening, productive, honest and refreshing. I will continue to utilize the guidance obtained from Bruce within current and future situations. Bruce was an excellent choice as a coach – our philosophies and ways of thinking/approach were very much on the same page. (Client)

⇒ Very nice feedback from your client is attached. You seemed to have connected very well and were able to provide him with beneficial information for his DLA leadership journey. I also wanted to pass along that I ran into one of your clients in the hallway while I was facilitating training at HQ last week and he said that the time he has spent with you in coaching has really made a huge difference in his approach to leadership and although the work is hard he feels a renewed sense of energy every time he gets off the phone from your calls. Thanks for your continued inspiration and support! (DoD Supervisory Certification Program Manager)

⇒ Bruce was an outstanding coach and really went above-and-beyond to ensure that the discussions were beneficial for me. We addressed a number of topics and I gained numerous insights on how to come to terms with the inequities of my work-life balance. Based on these discussions, I am also considering returning to complete my PhD (so that is a HUGE bonus). Great coach and I would highly recommend.   (Client)

 ⇒ Bruce LaRue is an awesome Coach! He has an extensive knowledge of the DLA mission and the role we play in supporting the Warfighter. From the initial session through the final session Bruce has provided a plethora of valuable information directly relating to the challenges and initiatives I am facing. His “Strategy Triangle” is a comprehensive tool I continue to use in my daily operations. His detailed explanation and article on “Creating Broad Engagement in Change” was on time and on target with the reorganization I am currently experiencing. He recommended the book “It’s Your Ship” and I will say this is a must read for the new Supervisors. I can honestly say the return on investment for these four hours of coaching will pay dividends for years to come. (Client)

⇒ Hello Bruce; Attached is another feedback form. He found the sessions very beneficial and is already using several of the tools recommended. We love to see the coaching sessions have such an immediate impact and assist our supervisors in their leadership journey.  (DLA Supervisor Certification Program Manager, DLA Human Resources Services, DLA Training Defense Logistics Agency)

⇒ The coaching sessions were excellent. Bruce had some great suggestions on how to help the team see the big picture and develop solutions to problems we’re facing via Mini-Town Halls. His comments on setting the focus for the team on the “What” and not the “How” is also something I’ll keep in mind during our team meetings. I’ve recently gotten several new team members and Bruce also had some helpful recommendations on knowledge transfer that have worked well. In particular, he had a suggestion to ask my subject matter experts what they thought were the top 10 things other team members should know. That has worked great. (Client)

⇒ I was skeptical at first as to how my coach would be able to relate to my situation at DLA. However, with his background in the private, public, and military sectors he quickly put my fears at ease. Dr. LaRue has an incredible experience/knowledge base and was genuinely interested in assisting my professional growth. He was a pleasure to work with!  (Client)

⇒ I found the coaching experience very helpful and insightful with regard to many of the leadership / supervisory challenges we face at DLA. The coaching discussions were outstanding, and I particularly enjoyed the various articles provided in preparation for the sessions. I especially enjoyed the article titled, “It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy” written by CAPT D. Michael Abrashoff (and I’m a retired Marine…:-). Dr. LaRue is obviously an expert in his field, and I gained a lot from my coaching sessions with him over the past several months — he is truly exceptional. Thank you, sincerely, for the opportunity to learn from him.  (Client)

⇒ Thanks very much for serving as my executive coach and mentor over the past several months — I truly enjoyed working with you. I learned a lot from our discussions and the various articles you provided, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.  (Client)

⇒ My experience with Bruce was very informative, supportive, educational and enlightening. He provided me with tools to transform myself and team into a high performing unit and challenge the status-quo. I always reviewed the read-aheads prior to each session some of which were great articles written by Bruce and other experts in the field. If there is one take-away (although there were many), I will internalize from the coaching sessions, will be my ultimate goal to transition from producer to integrator while my team produces within the reasonable boundaries and empowerment opportunities provided. (Client)

 ⇒ I was very pleased with the coaching experience. Bruce had a good understanding of the DLA organization and often used examples from his work with other entities. He is an exceptional listener. He presented his ideas as a new tool for the management toolbox but was never overbearing or insistent that his way is the only way.  (Client)

⇒ Bruce is fantastic. He provided sound advice. There are some aspects of his coaching were clearly off the scale. (Client)

⇒ Thanks Bruce! You were very insightful and incredibly helpful! (Client)

⇒ Initially I dreaded the added task of completing four “coaching sessions”. However, after the first session with Mr. Bruce LeRue, I was looking forward to the next session. I had just spoken to someone who understood what I was going through and I could speak as freely as I wanted about myself as a new supervisor. Bruce made me feel very comfortable, almost as if we were friends before, he is a great listener, and I was impressed that he remembered all that was discussed when we would pick up the next session. He remembered details in the discussion that were key to my job as a leader and supervisor, where I had been, what I was trying to do, challenges, and successes. It was never a conversation just to fill up an hour and put a “check in the block”. The materials he shared were of great value as well; the articles were worth hanging onto and sharing with others. They all related to where we were going during our coaching session – a perfect fit for the discussion that day. I enjoyed the sessions and did find them beneficial. They made me realize you can make a positive difference in anything you set out to do.  (Client)

⇒ I benefited from having someone to talk with who was willing to put a “how to” in front of “do it”. I believe that the coaching assignment should start within the first three months of a new supervisor’s term. I learned so much from Bruce (LaRue, PhD) that I could have used earlier on. In some respects, he was an interactive sounding board, leading me to discover new ways to look at problems and better understand the upper management to first line supervisor working relationship.

The one-on-one experience with my coach gave me a greater appreciation of the employees in my section. I opened up more to them in soliciting their ideas and concerns to accomplish the workload rather than just laying out my own plan.  (Client)

⇒ Overall, I would rate the quality of my coaching as exceptional.  At first, I explained to Bruce, I thought why do I need this coaching with my experience as a leader? This actually was very beneficial. Looking at the overall big picture, I believe DLA is doing a very good job with training Supervisors under this program. Using some of the techniques through this exercise has benefited my current position, especially with the merge of Distribution and Disposition services under D-2.  (Client)

⇒ My coaching sessions with Bruce LaRue were exactly what I was looking for as a capstone to my supervisor certification program. Bruce’s knowledge of the DLA Energy organization facilitated meaningful discussions about the issues I face as a supervisor and his real-world experience, representing client and company, generated extremely valuable dialogue.

His coaching plan was structured enough to provide direction, yet flexible enough to allow for detours to discuss any additional topics I introduced.

I believe my biggest takeaway from our coaching session was the real-life application of his “Creating Broad Engagement in Change”. After one short reading assignment and a discussion of “how to”, I confidently conducted an “off-site” event with my inventory and transportation teams.

We scheduled a day to climb a mountain trail and have lunch together. For the first time in 18 months, the entire group came to 100% agreement on something…these events need to happen regularly. Over lunch, they asked if this could be a regular event. I told them that if it was a well-deserved break to get away from the office, and I believe that if a quarterly team-building day improved production, it wouldn’t be hard to sell to my leadership. At that point, I asked them some scripted questions about what they saw as areas for improvement, and I left to give them a chance to discuss.   I was surprised and impressed with the answers I received. In the month since the event, I have noticed a significant change in behavior. Employees who, in the past, either avoided each other or argued (harshly) are now making attempts to communicate for the sake of the team. In addition to the improved relationships, the team members are now providing much more feedback on office processes and presenting opportunities for improvement. I’m looking forward to working with them on refining their ideas and putting them into practice. (Client)

⇒ Since April 2005, Dr. Bruce LaRue has been a member of an executive coaching team that has provided thousands of hours of coaching to over 1,400 supervisors of the Defense Logistics Agency as part of a two-year formalized leader development program.

In fiscal year 2011, DLA provided $46.1 billion in sales and revenue. This, along with the dollar value of services provided, would rank the agency in the top 10th percentile of the Fortune 500. These services are accomplished through a dispersed workforce of nearly 27,000 civilian and military employees operating in 48 states and 28 countries around the globe. Clearly, the quality of leadership in the agency is critical to our agency’s readiness, responsiveness, and innovation.

DLA implemented it’s formalized two-year leadership development program to strengthen the leadership bench in DLA, foster a common leadership culture across the enterprise, provide transition support for newly appointed leaders, and build key competencies needed for creating a world-class workplace. Executive coaching is a key component of the development program, and Dr. LaRue is a key member of the coaching team. In fact, this coaching activity has evolved into one of the most powerful and results-driven experiences of the entire two-year developmental program. The positive change over time in the supervisors’ behavior, through the implementation of action pans developed with their coaches, is very clearly documented by the group results of repeated 360 degree assessments.

We are grateful to Dr. LaRue as a member of the coaching team for the dramatic results that are being achieved through this coaching activity, which has been identified as an industry best practice. We appreciate the coaches’ flexibility, professionalism, and clearly demonstrated expertise.

It is my privilege to call Dr. LaRue a trusted business partner and a valued change agent for DLA. We have greatly benefitted as an organization from our business relationship with the coaching team in the seven years that have passed, and I expect the positive results to continue in the years to come. (Paula Kluczynski, Defense Logistics Agency Training Center, Tier II Program Manager)

⇒ Bruce LaRue is an awesome Coach! He has an extensive knowledge of the DLA mission and the role we play in supporting the Warfighter. From the initial session through the final session Bruce has provided a plethora of valuable information directly relating to the challenges and initiatives I am facing. His “Strategy Triangle” is a comprehensive tool I continue to use in my daily operations. His detailed explanation and article on “Creating Broad Engagement in Change” was on time and on target with the reorganization I am currently experiencing. I can honestly say the return on investment for this four hours of coaching will pay dividends for years to come. (Client)

⇒ Bruce helped me with addressing some very difficult and challenging work circumstances which I had never encountered in my 38 years of working. I would highly recommend that DLA make the one-on-one coaching avaiulable as a resource from beginning to end of the ELDP3 course; it was by far the most valuable resource provided. Further supervisors and managers should have this resource available to them for consultation after course completion to assist them with weighty issues requiring outside un-biased expert advice. (Client)

⇒ When a senior executive was asked by her CEO what was she reading, she replied that she was reading Leading Organizations from the Inside Out by Dr Bruce LaRue and that this is the exact book that he should be reading as well! (Client)

⇒ Techniques, analysis and feedback were excellent and applied to my current situational leadership challenges and offered a way forward to address my current challenges. I look forward to implementing some of these in the near future and to allow the ideas from those in the office to create the change. (Client)

⇒  Thanks once again for making the coaching experience so beneficial. (DLA Supervisor Certification Program Manager DLA Human Resources Services, DLA Training Defense Logistics Agency)

⇒ This was a very helpful and rewarding experience. Excellent idea to help prepare and improve Leadership in DLA. (Client)

Private Sector Clients

⇒ In June 2010, Dr. LaRue was the Keynote Presenter before the Executive Board of the São Paulo Chamber of Commerce (ACSP), a lecture on Sustainable Economic Development which was voted #1 presentation for the year. He also conducted a televised interview for Luiz Guilherme, President, APIMEC Rio, sponsored by Banco Bradesco and Agora Brokerage, one of the largest private banks and brokerages in Brazil. Dr. LaRue also presented to senior executives of Teledata Corporation and leaders from Brazil’s financial sector during this speaking tour. (Client)

⇒ In November 2013, Bruce was Keynote Presenter, at the 50th Anniversary Conference of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the State of São Paulo (FACSP). He presented on “Leading transformational Change” for government and business leaders from across the state of São Paulo Brazil. This wide ranging talk examined global trends in finance, workforce development, higher education, national defense, and energy as integrated elements of a coherent national economic development strategy. (Client)

⇒ “The leader of the past knew how to tell. The leader of the future will know how to ask. As a member of the Board of the Peter Drucker Foundation, I had the opportunity to listen to Peter eloquently outline the new world of leadership. He was describing today’s world of knowledge workers. They are people who know more about what they are doing than their managers do! It is hard to tell people what to do and how to do it when they already know more than we do. The process involved in Action-Learning Teams (ALT) carries this concept of asking to a new level. The ALT model assumes that great knowledge of the team is translated into action that makes a real difference for the organization. The process described in this book is something that almost any organization or team can use. Don’t just read it – apply it! You may be amazed at how quickly this process can make a positive difference.” (Marshall Goldsmith, Listed in Forbes as one of five leading executive coaches)

⇒ “Leading Organizations from the Inside Out gives companies and their leaders critical tools and perspectives that enable them to deal with the fast pace of business in today’s world. This book offers an effective way to initiate change and develop your people at the same time. Don’t just read this book, but apply its principles.” (Admiral Bill Owens, U.S. Navy, Retired, Vice Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff; President and CEO, Nortel Networks)

⇒ “Action-Learning Teams built on a foundation of trust, honesty and a dedication to true excellence will soon become the hallmark of all successful organizations. The volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous leadership environment that we all face demands the speed, adaptability and flexibility that these teams embody.” (Major General Robert Ivany, U.S. Army, Retired, Former President, U.S. Army War College)

⇒ “Leading Organizations from the Inside Out is a great gift to leaders from all three sectors, leading the teams that could transform the enterprise. Action-Learning Teams and After Action Review inspire language and action that can mobilize leaders and teams to build the viable, relevant, and successful organization of the future.” (Frances Hesselbein, Chairman, Leader to Leader Institute)

⇒ “I have had the opportunity to work with small and large organizations. It is amazing to me to see how small organizations work through tough cross-functional issues. In effect small firms are Action-Learning Teams. Something happens to an organization as it matures. ALTs give way to traditional corporate hierarchy. Medium and large organizations would be well served to read and adopt the practices outline in Leading Organizations from the Inside Out. I know from experience that the practices outlined in this book can positively impact the culture of any organization.” (Steve Hooper, General Partner/Founder Ignition Partners (Venture Fund))

⇒ “Action-Learning Teams fill the gap between the basics of team dynamics and unleashing talent in a collaborative aligned effort to achieve measurable results. If you need people to work together to solve a problem, improve a process, or create a new product, then this research-based approach provides the ‘how to’ for attaining the best from having people work together.” (Richard Schuttler, School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix)