Leading Change

Our approach provides four stages for development of strategic initiatives: Inquiry, Design, Deployment, and Integration; and includes the tools, procedures, and leadership qualities needed for aligning organizational core systems in each phase. This outcomes-based approach produces customer-focused solutions while aligning core systems, streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and heightening engagement in the change process to re-invent the organization, the city, the nation.

Developing Leaders

We offer advanced Executive Coaching Services for emerging and senior leaders, tying coaching directly to strategic initiatives. We help leaders become more aware of the broader forces driving change in their organization and how to create and implement a shared vision of the future. This approach enhances the organization's competitive edge while developing leaders capable of innovative approaches to strategic change.


Building the Future

It is time to learn from our past and set a new compass heading for the rebuilding of our future. We bring together the world’s best and brightest that fully embody innovation, technologies and values; assisting commercial & non-profit organizations, government agencies, cities, and nations, to design and operationalize transformational change. The question is not whether we should do it, but why aren't we doing it? And how can I do my part?


LWMIII Coaches Now Certified by Chambers Bay Institute

LWMIII Consulting (www.lwmiiiconsulting.com) Coaches are certified as Authentic Leader Development Coaches by Chambers Bay Institute, a leading global change management and leader development firm based in Washington State. LWMIII Consulting, a service disabled Veteran owned small business, is nationally recognized and since 2007, has helped more than 4,000 civilian, military and government leaders embrace the transformational power of authenticity to improve themselves and the lives they touch. LWMIII clients include FEMA, US Army, the Department of Defense, the University of Texas, and the world's largest insurance company.

The True Growth Leadership Certification Program prepares seasoned practitioner leaders to be coaches through a rigorous action - learning curriculum designed to enhance and refine their skills, preparing them to coach senior leaders from government, defense, and the private sector.

LWMIII certified coaches have a clear understanding of the principles of authentic leadership, helping their clients to clarify their life purpose and to align their values with the mission of their organization. Our approach promotes original thinking in relation to both personal and professional development, and helps leaders to better understand how to create work environments that embrace change and lead to passionately engaged teams.