360 Leadership Assessments


360 Multi-Source Feedback assessment instruments (MSF) consist of a systematic feedback process involving a cross-section of stakeholders, including one’s boss, peers, and subordinates. We also like to include feedback from key vendors, suppliers, and customers in this feedback process in order to gain an accurate assessment of leadership performance from multiple perspectives outside one’s current organization.

Denison™ Leadership Development 360 

Denison™ Leadership Development 360 –  – LEARN MORE –  Measures a leader’s performance on a set of 12 leadership behaviors linked to high performing business cultures. Based on the Denison  Model, this 360 degree assessment benchmarks an individual’s leadership and management skills to those leaders in other organizations. Importantly, the Denison Leadership 360 is a developmental tool.  By providing data-based feedback, this instrument allows leaders to compare their own ratings to those of coworkers and to identify gaps in perceived strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.

Denison ModelAs you can see from this diagram, twelve key dimensions of leadership are measured and displayed in a clear, easy to understand graphic that immediately identifies strengths and areas for improvement. Each dimension of the diagram also correlates directly with key dimensions of organizational performance.

We work closely with leaders to identify key strengths and areas for improvement, and help them create a development plan that aligns personal goals with organizational strategy. We prepare them to follow up systematically with their key stakeholders, involving those with whom they work most closely in accomplishing their goals. We ensure that these development goals are targeted at specific behaviors that are in alignment with the strategic direction of the organization. This process in effect turns one’s stakeholder group into a team of coaches that assist the leader in achieving targeted developmental objectives that promote both individual and organization development.

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