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Developing Internal Capacity

– Focusing on Strategic Change Initiatives

Bruce Strategic Mgt Workgroup

Dr LaRue facilitating an integrated learning workshop.

We provide a focused suite of services designed to build leadership competencies in your management team while focusing on specific organizational initiatives. This ensures that professional development efforts are aligned in “real-time” with your organization’s strategic priorities. This approach also serves to significantly heighten individual awareness, ensuring that individuals view their actions within the broader context of organizational objectives. The result is a more synergistic and highly collaborative team that is capable of consistently delivering superior results.

Integrated-Learning Workshops / Seminars / Off-Sites

In our workshops, seminars, and off-sites, we integrate both behavioral and operational dimensions of team development within four key phases of the change process: Inquiry, Design, Deployment, and Integration.


Inquiry is a deep and incisive discovery process that illuminates the specific gaps in the organization, reveals how they are measured, and directs the focus of the team. Inquiry reveals the blind spots: the areas of gaps in knowledge, understanding, and process that have created dysfunctional patterns of behavior. Inquiry is about understanding where to put your organizational crowbar in order to obtain the maximum amount of leverage.

Inquiry is a disciplined process designed to systematically expose and question the basic assumptions about organizational reality. It is a focused questioning that requires organizations and individuals to examine the paradigms and models that limit their thinking.


Design is a process that explores how to create a road map for true innovative change. This is the blueprint of how to bridge the gaps uncovered in the Inquiry phase. It makes use of brainstorming with a team in a specific way that will generate new ways of thinking and break the old patterns of creating solutions from within the same “box” from which the problem was derived.

This process engages the key stakeholders as well as the end user, the customer or the client in the creation of that solution. Design explores the concept of piloting a project whenever possible and testing the design before deploying it throughout the organization.


Deployment examines how to break the barriers that typically impede change in an organization. It explores how teams can create common interests and deploy their chosen initiatives with speed and power. Deployment begins to change the fixed identities that organizations establish for themselves. It examines how to overcome common resistance to change such as complacency, which arises in highly controlled environments or organizations that are over-managed. It attacks the self-dramatization that causes companies to resist change, continuing their collective stories about how they are victims of management, or the organization, or even the marketplace. Engaging in the proper method of deployment breaks the illusion of powerlessness that creates resistance to change.


Integration is designed to synthesize lessons learned and make them a part of the organization’s DNA by deploying short-term wins, engaging reluctant managers, and ensuring that the change initiatives become woven into the fabric of the entire company. The process of integration helps create new norms and shared values throughout the organization that reinforce the new initiatives by systematically reshaping organizational culture. Integration, when done properly, becomes a permanent new and empowering way for those in the organization to view themselves and the outside world by engaging customers and other critical stakeholders in the constant evolution of new solutions.

Structure – Putting Theory to Practice

The structure of our unique offerings allow us to assist you in determining the key challenges and opportunities facing your organization and to show you how to develop integrated initiatives designed to leverage change that will promote heightened levels of employee engagement and sustainable growth for your organization – putting theory to practice.

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