Developing Leaders


Executive Coaching

Chambers Bay Institute offers advanced Executive Coaching Services for emerging to senior leaders, tying coaching directly to  your strategic initiatives. We help leaders become more aware of the broader forces driving change in their organization, and how to create and implement a shared vision of the future. This approach enhances the organization’s competitive edge while developing leaders capable of innovative approaches to strategic change.  We focus on your actual challenges, putting theory into

practice.  Read more…

Work Shops

Integrated-Learning Workshops / Seminars / Off-Sites – We provide a focused suite of offerings designed to build leadership competencies in your management team while focusing on specific organizational initiatives. This ensures that professional development efforts are aligned with your organization’s strategic priorities. This approach also serves to significantly heighten individual awareness, ensuring that individuals view their actions within the broader context of organizational objectives. The result is a more synergistic and highly collaborative team that is capable of consistently delivering superior results.  Read more

360 Leadership Assessment 

360 Multi-Source Feedback assessment instruments (MSF) consist of a systematic feedback process involving a cross-section of stakeholders, including one’s boss, peers, and subordinates. We also like to include feedback from key vendors, suppliers, and customers in this feedback process in order to gain an accurate assessment of leadership performance from multiple perspectives outside one’s current organization. Read more

Organizational Culture Survey

Executives today need a “dashboard” of their organization’s vital signs that is capable of linking organization culture to bottom-line results. The organization culture survey we use provides executives with a concise visual gauge of how their organization is performing on twelve critical dimensions, while revealing at a glance where to place their “crowbar” in order to gain maximum leverage with minimum effort. Read more…Denison dashboard