True Growth® Academy

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The True Growth® Academy, designed for management level leaders, provides a structured development of both the principles and applications of authentic leadership. The overall objectives of the True Growth® Academy experience are:

  • To understand the principles and benefits of authentic leadership.
  • To create an environment of self-discovery, growth, and leadership development.
  • To gain clarity and conviction of one’s personal values and how they align with the organization.
  • To gain clarity of one’s personal life purpose with the associated benefits of focus, passion, balance and true enjoyment.
  • To build a set of personal leadership disciplines that support one’s life purpose and values.
  • To engage participants in rich, challenging discussions that will promote original thinking in relation to both personal and professional development.
  • To provide participants with multiple assessment tools designed to help them discover their authentic true selves.
  • To explore the roots of organizational disengagement.
  • To help leaders of organizations better understand how to create work environments and relationships that lead to passionately engaged teams.
  • If we do not meet your expectations we will refund your money.

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