The True Growth® Authentic Leadership 360°

LWMIII 360360-degree feedback is a method of collecting perspectives about a leader’s performance from a wide range of team members. This can include peers, direct reports, and the boss. It can also include people outside the organization such as customers and family members. The benefits of collecting feedback of this kind are that the leader gets to see the overall perceptions of others versus just his/her self-perception.

The True Growth® Authentic Leadership 360° (Sample Report (PDF)) focuses on seven core competencies and corresponding behaviors (competencies/behaviors (PDF)) that are essential to becoming an authentic leader who people want to follow. These competencies and corresponding behaviors are based on the research of Larry Cole, Ph.D. Included with each assessment is a comprehensive list of Leadership Strategies. This helpful resource is full of practical tips on how to close the gaps that are identified in the assessment.

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