Organizational Culture Survey


Executives today need a “dashboard” of their organization’s vital signs that is capable of linking organization culture to bottom-line results. The organization culture survey we use provides executives with a concise visual gauge of how their organization is performing on twelve critical dimensions, while revealing at a glance where to place their “crowbar” in order to gain maximum leverage with minimum effort.

One of the most powerful culture surveys on the market today is the Denison Organization Culture Survey™. This survey can be conducted online over a lunch break, and is used extensively by organizations such as the Department of DefenseJet BlueTargetDow Chemical, and Disney. As a certified Denison Consultant, we can analyze the survey with leaders from your organization and help you to quickly identify where you should focus your efforts in order to achieve maximum, sustainable results. A visual representation of the survey instrument can be seen below:

Denison dashboard

The dashboard of critical organizational vital signs created by this unique assessment instrument allows the leader to quickly determine where to put his/her crowbar in order to achieve maximum impact.

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