Reinventing Organizations


Developing Internal Capacity; Focusing on Strategic Change

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Chambers Bay Institute’s proven approach provides four stages for development of strategic initiatives: Inquiry, Design, Deployment, and Integration, and includes the tools, procedures, and leadership qualities needed for aligning organizational core systems in each phase. This outcomes-based methodology produces real-time, customer-focused solutions using cross functional practices resulting in integrated solutions aligning core systems, people, and processes behind their mission.

Impacting the future through successful organizations comprised of prepared leaders who create transformational, global change.

The structure of our unique offerings allow us to assist you in determining the key challenges and opportunities facing your organization and to show you how to develop integrated initiatives designed to leverage change that will promote heightened levels of employee engagement and sustainable growth for your organization – putting theory to practice.

We help you see your organization differently and we focus on various dimensions of individual, team, and organization development. It’s this internal capacity that can reinvent your organization – build the future today to achieve the level of success that is your goal.

Building the Future through Transformational Change