Reinventing Nations

An example of Large-Scale Social Change

  • Reengineering social DNADNA 2 horizontal
  • Integrate lessons learned
  • Reshape norms & culture
  • Align policies & institutions
  • Incentivize new behaviors

Nation building is a series of processes that evolve and flow one after the other. The foundational stratum that defines us by where we come from and how we fill our most basic needs consists of:

  • Place: habitat, natural resources, and ecology
  • Culture: shared characteristics, values, and practices of the society
  • Human factors: family, education, healthcare, and social welfare

As the society grows in complexity, a new infrastructure stratum emerges. The elements include:

  • Governance: administration of social order and provision of public services as determined by the community – democracy, structure, operations, policies.
  • Business: profit-seeking enterprise necessary to provide the material needs of the population – innovation, value creation, workplace.

Initial focus must address the following:

  • What core values will guide us in developing our society and what is the purpose and future vision of the nation?
  • What kind of future do we wish to co-create for generations to come?

We have learned that we can’t always control the forces at work around us, but we can and must control our response to them. Therefore, when engaging on this journey it must begin with an examination of our values, beliefs, and assumptions, ensuring that these are in alignment with the reality we want to create rather than the one we’re leaving behind.

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