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publishingWe provide turn-key, comprehensive service to support authors who are interested in the freedom of writing their story, engaged with a team that provides the right level of depth and expertise to make the journey an amazing experience. Our team has written and published, so we truly understand writing from the author’s perspective.

We use the following best practices to engage, assist, and guide each author through the process, providing a complete package or just enough, just in time services to prepare your book for market:

  • Editing – Bringing your message to life, Copy editing, Line editing
  •  Layout & Design – print-ready pdf version, interior layout and design that reflects your book’s genre, interior graphics, cover design, IBSN
  •  Print & e-distribution – align authors with the best of our network of printers, print, store, fulfillment, e-book versions
  •  Marketing – Marketing/Publicity/Public-Media Relations – Defining audiences, press-kits, unique website, positioning the author & book, prepare for presentations and interviews, assist with media entries, manage social media, create articles, journal entries


“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”  -Philip Pullman

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