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project developmentProducts can take a number of forms – proposals, presentations, fact sheets, info-graphics, visual aids, technical reports, and websites – but they all have one thing in common: they’re strong. We memorialize products and prime teammates for ongoing success through usable resources. At the community level, our products empower local leaders and technical staff to channel interest into next steps. We use the following process to develop products:

  • Identify the expectations for products and their intended uses
  • Build the product structure to match the desired outcomes
  • Develop the product style guide or ensure the design and layout match the existing style guide
  • Compile key resources, case studies, and other supplementary learning materials
  • Construct info-graphics, icons, and visual tools to explain key concepts
  • Finalize the design and layout for clarity, succinctness and usability
  • Proofread, copy-write, and copy-edit content to finalization
  • Cite sources and reference materials
  • Chambers Bay Press Digital Portfolio
  • Chambers Bay Press Brochure

By promoting learning, we encourage a deep understanding of challenge and this inspires collective problem-solving.

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