Building the Future

Given America’s decaying infrastructure, it is time to learn from our past and set a new compass heading for the rebuilding of our nation. In Bruce LaRue’s upcoming new book with contributions from Dan Burden, Reinventing Our Future, we look at cities as microcosms of the larger society and offer solutions.

Our cities are navigating through outdated bureaucratic policies of national and regional government agencies. These policies were designed for earlier and much simpler times. Innovations taking place at the local level,   integrated with best practices from around the world, have helped us produce new designs incorporating principles of livability, walkability, human longevity, renewable distributed energy, andWhere do we place our crowbar? advanced transportation.

Chambers Bay Institute brings together the world’s best and brightest to fully embody innovation, technologies, and values. Together we offer the best people, thinking, and processes. We inspire others, which results in building the future today with the reinvention of viable cities that attract people and result in economic growth, a productive workforce, increased longevity, reduced healthcare costs, and greater happiness.

Where do you place the crowbar?

  • Integrated Solutions
  • Livability, walkability
  • Human longevity, healthy lifestyles
  • Renewable distributed energy, reduced carbon footprint
  • Advanced modes of  transportation
  • Embody innovation, technologies and values
  • Focus R&D efforts on any remaining gaps

Next Steps

  • We suggest that most of the ingredients needed to solve the problems we face today are here now. Our focus must be on how we can assemble these components into integrated solutions while closing any remaining gaps in our technology, forming the foundation of the next global economic revolution.
  • We must learn how we can produce, consume, and distribute renewable energy through an advanced Intergrid Energy System.
  • We must reinvent our cities, transforming our energy infrastructure, reducing our carbon footprint, developing vibrant new export sectors, creating new jobs here at home, and rebuilding our infrastructure and economy for the twenty-first century.
  • We must design exciting new large-scale collaboration technologies so that each of us can play our part in Reinventing Our Future.


The question is not whether we should do it, but why aren’t we doing it?  And how can I do my part?